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Welcome to the Crofton Schools Academy Trust
My name is Andrea Carter and as the Executive Headteacher of the Crofton Schools Academy Trust I would like to warmly welcome you to our schools.
I became Executive Headteacher in September 2013. Before joining Crofton I worked in a real variety of schools from the small village school, to large federations and I fully understand the leadership challenges that each situation brings. I also have experience of taking responsibility for other schools in challenging circumstances and supporting them through the Ofsted experience. I have also been a part of many strategic groups within local authorities, supporting policy writing and training sessions.
At the Crofton School’s Academy Trust we believe in delivering a high quality education that inspires and motivates children to achieve their dreams. Through an innovative curriculum and a thinking skills approach, we provide children with experiences that will shape their future and develop a life- long love of learning.
At the Crofton Schools Academy Trust we strongly believe in collaborative working and in such a large school we acknowledge that communication is the key! Your views are very important to us and in order that we can ensure you have the opportunity to express your opinions regularly, we constantly review and update systems and procedures to enable you to do this effectively.
In summary, we are very much committed to doing our best for the children of the Crofton Schools Academy Trust and for making decisions that make a difference to the quality of education they receive. We believe in the motto, together we will, together we can.

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